Hey there! I’m Will. I’ve been an (occasional) avid reader since around the age of nine. While other kids my age were out on their bikes I would rush home to read. My favourites book series’ around that time included The Chronicles of Narnia, The Famous Five, and Paddington Bear. As I grew older I fell in and out of love with reading, often going long periods without reading a single book. Sometimes years.

In more recent years I’ve found myself unable to digest adult novels, even those (and especially those) larger fantasy tomes I would read in years gone by. I have a long list of books I have started and given up on, and some of them were great…

With the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020 I found myself working from home and having a more free time than ever. I found myself spending more and more of my time on social media. I began to resent the time I spent flicking through family feuds, adverts and other random dross.

In 2021, while still working from home I decided to make a change. Instead of allowing myself time on social media, I would instead read.

I headed over to GoodReads and joined the 2021 Reading Challenge. I set myself an initial goal of 12 books for the year. Surely I could manage one book per month? I decided that rather than attempting (and failing) to read adult books I would go back to what I loved originally, children’s books. After a little research I downloaded my first book of the year, Lesley Parr’s wonderful The Valley of Lost Secrets. I devoured it and wanted more. After a month or so, having ploughed through several books I upped the GoodRead’s goal to 30 books. I have even tackled some of those adult fantasy epics I love and have some more in mind for the near future.

My goal with this blog is to share my thoughts on the books I enjoy, be they new or old, and maybe to help someone find a new favourite. I’d love to hear from you if you do!